Privacy Policy

Our commitment to protecting privacy online is as serious as our dedication to providing the best advertising.

Walk Light Media takes the issue of user privacy on the internet very seriously and the following is intended to be a plain English explanation of the approach we currently employ. We always welcome comments on our privacy policy and constantly strive to maintain a privacy policy which improves the service we provide to advertisers, publishers and web users in general.

What We Do

Walk Light Media is an online advertising network. We work with hundreds of websites in the US and Canada, buying display (image) advertising space and re-selling it in carefully targeted packages to advertisers and agencies.

What Data We Collect

Cookie and Pixel Information

Cookies and pixels provide us with the ability to create an ID in order for us to match collected data to an anonymous machine including:

· The date and time of visit to a web page

· Whether the user has clicked on an ad of one of our Advertisers, visited their website, or undertaken a transaction with them

Request-based Information

This information is passed to us by the user’s computer browser with every request and is stored entirely anonymously for statistical purposes only:

· IP (Internet Protocol) addresses – Every device connected to the Internet has an IP address. This cannot be traced to an individual user but can be used for geographic targeting and statistical measurements

· Browser type – e.g. Are you using Microsoft Explorer or Apple’s Safari

· The URLs (or website address) of web pages which have been viewed

· Computer Operating System – e.g. Are you using Windows Vista or Apple OS

We do not share, rent or sell any of the data acquired from third party sources.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

We do not collect any personally identifiable information. The IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau), which is a trade association for the internet marketing industry, defines personally identifiable information as ‘information that can be traced back to a specific user and provide personal information such as name, address, phone number, etc.’ In other words, it’s information about you that can identify you as a person rather than an anonymous profile.

Cookies and Pixels

Cookies are small text files that are stored within a folder on your computer and are used only by your Internet browser. They are not programs or applications – they are merely a marker of our previous contact with you. They take up a tiny amount of space on your computer (less than a regular webpage without images does) and can be used to uniquely, but anonymously, identify your computer.

Most websites use cookies to identify users and improve the user experience.

The Walk Light Media cookie does not harm your computer in any way or provide us with any information about your identity. The Walk Light Media cookie is not spyware or adware.

The general definition of spyware/adware is that of a software package installed on your computer for purposes of monitoring all your internet or general computer activity. We do not install software of any kind on your computer and have no ability to monitor or track your general computer or overall internet usage. Cookies can be easily avoided by opting out from them, or adjusting your browser settings.

Pixels are small text files used to track website visitation and actions taken by users on these websites. The information collected from the pixel is stored in the cookie.

How We Use This Data

Walk Light Media uses the information collected to target advertising campaigns more effectively. The aim is for you to see ads which you are more likely to be interested in, rather than ads that you aren’t. We do this by comparing the information relating to the machine’s anonymous profile, against our selection of ad campaigns and choosing the most suitable advertisement. It’s important to understand that Walk Light Media can only create these profiles and display ads to you when you visit a website that we have a relationship with.

Most websites you visit will not charge you, but are funded by the ads that you view. The more effective the advertising on a site, the more money it can generate from fewer ads – reducing the clutter and invasiveness of the advertising on their websites.

We do not sell, rent or share any of the anonymous data to third-parties.

Data Retention

Walk Light Media maintains all server log data (see ‘What data we collect’) for 3 months and data stored in the cookie for a period of 12 months to comply with audits, court order or law enforcement inquiries. After 12 months (3 months for server logs) all of the stored data is destroyed. Summarized data is kept indefinitely. Summarized data is aggregated statistical data (impressions and clicks) used for financial reporting purposes.

Performance Attribution

We monitor the sales, signups or visits to certain predetermined pages on our advertisers’ websites. We reconcile these page ‘hits’ back to the ads that were shown to allow us to manage advertising campaign delivery, and report on this to our advertisers and publishers. We use cookies to limit the number of ads any individual computer is exposed to.

Opting Out

If you prefer not to have online advertising tailored to a user interest profile, you may opt out at any time by disable cookies in your browser (typically under Tools-Options-Privacy, but this varies between browser types and versions) or manually by following the instructions contained in the “Help” section of your browser. Please note that cookies are used for a variety of reasons, not just targeting advertising, so this may adversely impact your online experience. Opt out of Walk Light Media’s targeting by clicking on the ‘opt out’ link below. Please note that if you delete your cookies, change browsers, or use a different computer, you will need to opt out again.

It should also be noted that opting out does not mean you will not see advertisements online, but these advertisements will not be targeted based on your online user interest profile from us as an individual vendor.


If you provide us with your contact or business information in order to conduct business with us as an advertiser or publisher, Walk Light Media uses commercially reasonable physical, managerial, and technical safeguards to preserve the integrity and security of your information. We cannot, however, ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to Walk Light Media and you do so at your own risk.

Walk Light Media takes appropriate security measures to protect against unauthorized access to or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of data. These include internal reviews of our data collection, storage and processing practices and security measures, as well as physical security measures to guard against unauthorized access to systems where we store data.


If you contact us, we may keep a record of that correspondence and we may collect your email address. This relates to this correspondence only – and is not part of our core online business.

Children’s Privacy

Walk Light Media is very sensitive to the importance of children’s privacy and employs a zero-tolerance approach to advertising to children. Walk Light Media’s websites, products, and services are neither developed for, nor directed at, children. Walk Light Media does not employ or offer targeting towards children under the age of 18.

Changes to Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is subject to change without notice.

Effective Date

The privacy policy was last revised on September 20, 2012.

Questions and Comments

Questions and comments about our privacy policy should be directed to or mailed to:

Walk Light Media Inc.
304-825 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6V 1K9