If you are a publisher of quality green, health, environmental, sustainable business or LOHAS content and have a great relationship with your audience we would love to hear from you. Walk Light Media offers:


Walk Light Media helps you generate additional revenue at a fair market value. Our sales team will sell your advertising space, giving you access to campaigns from the hard to reach Fortune 500–1000 advertisers. Our team handles all the ad bookings, production and billing and we then share the revenues with you.

Choice and Control

A non-competitive environment with favorable terms which look to supplement and not supplant current efforts, resulting in increased revenue. You also have the final say about what size ad slots you run and which campaigns you take, so you’re in complete control throughout.

Full Service

Walk Light Media has custom solutions for publishers looking for a turnkey solution to monetizing their ad space. We provide a full service solution for ad sales, inventory management, and billing so you can focus on your core business, producing and curating engaging content.

To find out more about Walk Light Media’s premium network give us a call at 604.874.4991 or email at